Editor’s Obsessions: It’s Friday!

Welcome to the weekend lovely people! Has been an interesting week full of fashion events here in LA. One thing I’ve now become obsessed with due to this week is Iphone cases. Jetting around town with a clutch or purse still gets in the way of collecting photos, taking video & just quickly jotting down expert tips being given during interviews for our website and magazine. Something I’ve always taken for granted is the power of a great phone case. Thanks to a friend of mine my eyes have been opened to all of the fabulous pocket wallet cases that look amazing and hold all of life’s necessities (i.e. credit cards, license, emergency cash stash, etc.) I’ve decided to start sharing the deets on all of these fashion forward cases. The best part of all, they’re not expensive & will go great with your fall/winter ensembles. I’m excited about these future posts and hope that you enjoy them too! Happy Friday💋